Online Poker Tournaments Types

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With the passage of time, more numbers of people have been pulled towards the world of online poker, which not only includes men, but women as well. Each and every month, you can easily confront players who are completely new to the game of online poker.

And, if you too are among the group of poker fans who are new to this game, then you might be quite interested to know about the various Poker Tournaments Types. Well, you can certainly expect the world of online poker tournaments to be much bigger than more majestic than the physical poker tournaments. So, let us check out the four most popular type of poker tournaments:

Elimination Tournaments

It is the most regular type of poker tournament and it is widely available in the world of online poker. Each and every year, large numbers of elimination tournaments are organized across the online poker rooms. Moreover, the variations available in this form of online poker tournament are just amazing. In this sort of tournament, the game continues until one player has the entire chips. In the beginning of the tournament, each and every participant receives equal number of chips. Unlike the physical poker rooms, you certainly cannot expect poker tables to form group. However, it is still possible through virtual tables.

Shootout Tournaments

In some cases, this form of online poker tournament is quite similar to the elimination tournaments. In other words, Shootout tournament is basically a type of elimination tournament. During the beginning of this online tournament, players are divided into groups. At the end of the first round, only one player is left in each group. And, in the second round, the remaining players are brought together on a single table. So, the player who remains on the table till the end comes out as the winner of the tournament. And, he/she will get the entire chips.

Rebuy Tournaments

It is quite different from the above mentioned Poker Tournaments Types. Like elimination tournaments, this tournament also offers same amount of chips to every player.  But, it also offers an option to re-buy chips to those players who have lost their entire chips. So, it provides an extra chance to the player to survive in the tournament.

Satellite Tournaments

This form of online poker tournament is turning out to be more and more popular with the passage of time. And, the reason behind is the larger number of players option for the online tournaments.


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